С Днем фармацевтического работника!

С Днем фармацевтического работника!

Дорогие друзья, коллеги, партнеры! С большим уважением поздравляем Вас с профессиональным праздником - Днем фармацевтического работника. Желаем профессиональных и творческих успехов, процветания, удачи и, конечно, здоровья. Пусть оценкой Вашей работы всегда будет фраза «Точно, как в аптеке». С праздником! Ваш "ИнтерХим".

Medicines from those who cares!
InterChem -

InterChem -

manufacture of finished pharmaceutical products certified for compliance with the international standard GMP (certificate №058/2016/SAUMP/GMP).

Medicines from those who cares!
InterChem -

InterChem -

is honesty and responsibility to the consumers of our products and the state, corporate social guarantees and opportunities for everyone.

Medicines from those who cares!
InterChem -

InterChem -

GMP-certified production of solid dosage forms.

Medicines from those who cares!
InterChem -

InterChem -

25 years of successful business conducting.

Medicines from those who cares!
"ІНТЕРХІМ" локалізував виробництво трьох препаратів в Казахстані.

Фармацевтическая компания ОДО "Интерхим" (Одесса) локализовала на базе казахстанского ТОО "Вива Фарм" производство трех лекарственных препаратов, кото...

Rosuvastatin ІС - bioequivalence has been proved!

Cholesterol is involved in the synthesis of hormones, and also serves as a kind of stabilizer of cell membranes. In the case of a significant excess o...

Protect your joints and ligaments with "Suglobin ІС"!

Movement is a life and we all know about it, doing every day thousands, or maybe tens of thousands movements. For this, we have bones, muscles, joints...

Odri ІС - on the guard of health of the skin, hair and nails!

Good news for the beautiful half! A new product from the INTERCHEM company, specifically for women - Odri ІС. Why for women? The composition of the di...


The issues of ensuring proper transportation (shipment) of medicines are currently of vital importance for both producers and distributors. The terms ...

Команда «ИНТЕРХИМ» - участник ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon 2017.

На историческом событии Одессы — грандиозном полумарафоне — принимали участие команды ИНТЕРХИМ и SmartPit. 25 мая, воскресным утром, кажда...

«Flumibact ІС». Level A in the recommendations for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis!

INTERCHЕM has released a new drug, an antimicrobial and antiseptic drug for using in gynecology. 1 vaginal tablet contains 10 mg of dequalinium chlori...

Участники фармацевтического форума «Аптеки Мира – 2017» посетили производственную площадку компании «ИНТЕРХИМ»

1-2 июня 2017 компания «МОРИОН» провела традиционный Международный фармацевтический форум «Аптеки Мира – 2017». В этом г...

«Europe is waiting for Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry and the Ukrainian medicine» In Barcelona, ​​October 4-6, hosted the annual international exhibition in the field of pharmaceuticals - CPhI Worldwide 2016. It is the largest event in the pharmaceutical world, uniting five industry events that cover all aspects of the...
Champion start of «InterChem-SDYUSSHOR named after Litvak» The current champion of Ukraine - Odessa Women's Basketball Club "InterChem-SDYUSSHOR named after Boris Litvak" in the new season started well in the championship.

In the first match of the Women's Super League team from Odessa defeated the...
Health is the lack of internal interference for life
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Today SLC "Interchem" is one of the leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality and affordable medicines in Ukraine.
Our company is in the top ten domestic drug manufacturers by the size of realization and in the top twenty pharmaceutical manufacturers whose products are represented on the Ukrainian market.

"For us, the concept of development is a symbiosis of science and practice. Developing our research and development activities, we are creating a serious competitive advantage - the ability to produce not only high quality and well-known drugs, but also to create original medicines. "
The company is equipped with modern equipment from leading manufacturers. The level of automation and mechanization of production and the level of impact on the environment corresponds to the European standards. Since 2007, the plant finished medicines regularly being certified for compliance with the international standard GMP. Quality control at all stages of the production is carried out in three accredited laboratories of the enterprise - analytical, quality control laboratory, microbiology laboratory. At present  the enterprise`s production portfolio includes 8 active pharmaceutical substances and 35 medicines, of which 18 are import-substituting drugs, and 4 are original.

"We produce medicines, do it thoroughly and honestly, and that is why we are confident in the quality of our products".