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The issues of ensuring proper transportation (shipment) of medicines are currently of vital importance for both producers and distributors. The terms of transportation are regulated by the License Terms and the requirements of the Good Practices for the Distribution and Storage of Medicinal Products.

"INTERCHEM" SLC has formed its own vehicle fleet, which allows to guarantee the quality and safety of medicines supplied to distributors. "INTERCHEM" became the first owner in Ukraine of S.KO COOL refrigerated semi-trailers, as well as the Pharmapro package for maximum protection of the cargo being transported.

The Schmitz Cargobull company is the market leader among the "refrigerators" on wheels and offers the best isothermal semi-trailers and refrigerators for the transport of goods that require special temperature conditions. The Pharmapro package provides three temperature modes: less than -20 оС, from +2 оС to +8 оС and from +15 оС to +25 оС. The semi-trailer passed qualification tests in the "winter" (less than -18 оС) and "summer" (more than +35 оС) conditions, which is confirmed by the certificate Doc. No.: GMP 2017-009 Pharmaserv GmbH & Co. KG. KG.

During the transport of drugs with the help of high-precision sensors, the temperature is constantly monitored. All temperature changes are fixed by the temperature recorder and the digital interface. The cargo compartment of the S.KO COOL refrigerated semi-trailer meets the stringent hygiene standards in accordance with HACCP and IFS. The cargo compartment is easily cleaned and disinfected.